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02.08.20 02:32

Brands that don't shout to be heard

Once in a while, we come across brands which are not much advertised but are well-known. For instance, in Chennai, there is a departmental store called Nilgiri's which does not seem to be advertised much, but enjoys great awareness. It is popular in Bangalore too. And it has been expanding to other cities and States. How does this lack of advertising not affect the brand? Have you come across other brands which are well-known despite the lack of publicity? Which are they? Please let us know.

HISTORY has many examples of brands being extremely successful with little or no advertising. However, in many cases, these are brands which are well established and have built a reputation over time. Such a brand is Nilgiri's.

It is not true though that the brand never advertised. I remember seeing in my younger days' advertisements for the famous Nilgiri's bread and it certainly built its original reputation as an outstanding bakery. It has nurtured its reputation of good quality and reasonable prices, so when it extended itself into a large grocery store, the brand built on its previous and long-standing reputation.

There are many examples of such brands. Hershey, a very popular brand of chocolate which sold for a nickel (five cents in American money) prided itself on its reputation as a quality product with a low price; hence the members of the original Hershey family felt they never needed to advertise. However, in the end, inflation forced a price increase to a dime (ten cents) and then, over time even higher prices (the price had to increase by a minimum of five cents) Carton Of Newport 100S. Eventually, the brand had to advertise, faced with competition, and its original brand position, which was sustained by word of mouth, became less and less important.

The other brand which is often cited as an example of strong brand, which never needed to advertise, is Body Shop. This chain was created by Anita Roddick on the brand position of offering a range of high quality natural skin care and beauty products which were environmentally friendly. Ms Roddick used the media to create its image of being the small entrepreneur fighting huge multinationals selling unsafe products Newport Cigarettes Website, which were environmentally dangerous. She made excellent copy and received, it is estimated, newspaper and television coverage worth millions of dollars. Body Shop became an international chain selling a wide range of beauty products to an intensely loyal set of consumers who would use Body Shop cosmetics and nothing else!

Ms Roddick went on to become a millionaire and donated large sums to improve the lot of the poorest of the poor in Africa and elsewhere, in addition to various environmental projects. However, a few years ago, her image and that of the Body Shop received a sharp setback as it was found that many of her so-called projects had a commercial bias and even her work to provide e


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